MagicHexa from Agora Acoustics By Greg Borrowman | Monday, 20 June 2011 11:14 Unusual Korean vibratio...

by Agora Acoustics  /  on Oct 18, 2011 17:04

MagicHexa from Agora Acoustics

By Greg Borrowman | Monday, 20 June 2011 11:14


Unusual Korean vibration absorbers now available in Australia Korean company Agora Acoustics, which makes the very unusual MagicHexa vibration absorbers, says they’re manufactured from a ‘special proprietary visco-elastic polymer that combines shock absorption, vibration isolation and vibration damping characteristics to create the ideal acoustic damper and absorber.


Its specially formulated vibration dissipating aerodynamic honeycomb configuration has almost 1,000 times higher damping coefficient than metal, thus reducing the transmission of various vibration energies into whatever surface the component is sitting on.’ The company says it has already sold more than 10,000 sets in its home market. Distributed in Australia by Decibel Hi-Fi, each one can support around 3–12kg. Decibel Hi-Fi sells them as a set of four for $44.00 but will sell singles, pairs, sets of three: whatever you want. ‘New vibration absorption products seem to be popping up every week, but I am quite impressed by the performance of the MagicHexa absorbers,' said Brian Maddern, of Decibel Hi-Fi.


‘When placed under a quite heavy direct drive turntable I thought they made a noticeable improvement. They are 73mm in diameter and 23mm thick and soft and slightly tacky to touch to prevent slipping. And being translucent white there should not be any problem with the marking of furniture.’ As with the other vibration absorption devices it sells, Decibel offers a money-back guarantee on the Agora Acoustics MagicHexa devices, should you not be completely satisfied with their performance.



For further information, please contact Agora Acoustics MagicHexa at Decibel Hi-Fi

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