I tried out the MagicHexa vibration decoupling feet in my system under cd source and pre amp. I h...

by Agora Acoustics  /  on Oct 18, 2011 18:06

I tried out the MagicHexa vibration decoupling feet in my system under cd source and pre amp. I have not tried it under my power amp or

speakers.  With the cd and pre amp they definitely made a positive difference in my system.


These are my observations


1) The component did not seem to pick up airborne or shelf upwards vibration. Generally the component body felt better damped with the music on

     and my palm placed on the component.

2 ) I could play music at higher levels without any sense of fatigue or feeling of overload.

3)  Music sounded better focused and articulate at the same time had an easy unhyped sound as one can get with some cones, spikes and the like.

4) At no time did I find any softening or dullness in the sound ... rather more micro details and better tone and timbre of the instruments with an overall             i    increase in transparency.


I have since long appreciated the benefits of air suspension systems which are relatively quite expensive and these feet appear to be a hybrid of sorts

with its honeycomb structure which entraps some air in it within its visco elastic polymer, acting as a mini "shock absorber" Seems to be a far more cost effective upgrade to a system than an interconnect or speaker cable change.


I do have a few observations though :


Placing the feet under the stock feet of the component gave the least amount of vibration control ... better was to place under the chassis in the coupling

to the chassis method which according to their instructions is in front/back and side/side configuration.


But the maximum benefit I got was to place each foot at a point which is 20% and 80 %  of the length and depth of the component's chassis. These are the null or quitest areas where the chassis generally flexes the least when subject to any vibration and hence the ideal place to place the feet. This gave me the best  insulation with the resulting greatest improvement in the sound in my system.


If you want to perfect things further then place a flat 1-2 kg sand filled pillow roughly the size of the top of your component ie pre amp/power amp/cd player

(if its not a ventilated design). This will make the body/cover of the component become dead and very resistant to air borne sound vibrations which it would otherwise pick up. Sand is a very good vibration trap and prevents it from travelling into the component. Some diehards (like me) even place 4-5 kg sand pillows which is ideal if your component can take the weight.


Both the above  two techniques will greately improve even the sound of a mediocre system and with better Hi end systems it will reap even greater benefits

due to their inherently better resolving designs for which an audiophile generally pays and arm and a leg for.


By the way I am not a proponent for spikes and cones as these merely shift the vibration energy from one to another frequency and are more like tone controls while not really controlling vibration in the component. But they have some value in certain situations but cannot be prescribed as cure in all and sundry situations. Also I do believe they are best under heavier loudspeakers. A loudspeaker must be very rigidly coupled to the floor which these visco elastic feet may not be capable of doing by virtue of their elastic and soft nature unless your speakers are lightweight bookshelf type. Here again cannot comment much without actually trying it out. Audio is full of surprises as all audiophiles know.


Vibration control is the key to better sound within a given system and you will be surprised how much of an improvement one can make without spending

megabucks. Thanks for sending me the feet to try out.





Me2day Yozm
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