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●Mutual vibration suppression mechanism
- Solid duralumin pillar and HDF board prevent possible resonance which caused by overlapping of natural frequency.
- HDF board absorb most of vibration energy generated from components and the rest of energy quickly eliminated to the ground through the pillars.


●Natural veneer and anodized metal frame
- High pressure lamination of hand selected natural veneer (black walnut / cherry wood), repetition of paining and polishing make you feel the natural texture and touch, anodizing process improves metallic gloss as well and durability.


●Convenient height adjustment by direct coupling
- Direct coupling of the pillars and boards guarantee more effective anti-vibration performance.


●Spacious room for equipment storage
- L type pillars provide no waste room for equipment install and heat ventilation.


●Provide precision machined duralumin spike and footer
- CNC precision machined spikes and footers drain away unwanted vibration energy and restrain inflow from ground



※Dimensions(mm) /Measure without spike

Overall / mm
Internall / mm / ↓